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Depending on whom you ask you may hear that Metal Die Casting and Plastic Injection Moulding are much the same or to some, worlds apart. That’s because the processes follow very similar flows creating parts for assemblies yet their real world applications can be quite distinct. On the other hand, th…
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Back to School

Jan 29, 2018
Our brand new 400 Ton Toshiba Die Cast Machine arrived from Japan to start the year off with increased capacity. The Toshiba techs have been with us for over a week now to helps complete the installation. Much to our surprise we were graced with the presence of a Toshiba Die Cast guru, Gary Durkin…
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Shockwave Seats

Dec 28, 2017
Shockwave seats have revolutionized the Marine and Motorsports industries and we're honoured to be producing parts for them.The company, Professional Components, featured our plant in this 'How it's made' video.To learn more about shockwave seats visit: http://shockwaveseats.com/To find out how Sim…
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